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2022-2023 Course Catalog & Student Handbook 
2022-2023 Course Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Paralegal, AAS (AAS.PARLG 35520)

The Associate in Applied Science with a major in Paralegal program focuses on work in a legal setting. Students are prepared to support legal teams or work at law firms.

Degree Requirements

Subtotal: 18 Credit Hours

Required Core Subject Areas

Subtotal: 18 Credit Hours

Other Hours Required for Graduation

Subtotal: 27 Credit Hours

Completion Plan

First Semester

Subtotal: 16 Credit Hours

Second Semester

Subtotal: 6 Credit Hours

Third Semester

Subtotal: 18 Credit Hours

Fourth Semester

Subtotal: 12 Credit Hours

Fifth Semester

Subtotal: 11 Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours 63

*Courses in this program that require a minimum grade of “C.”
+AOT 110  - Prerequisite AOT 105  or placement/exemption credit.