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2022-2023 Course Catalog & Student Handbook 
2022-2023 Course Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]



Students registering for credit courses offered by York Technical College must pay the full tuition charge for those courses by the established payment deadline. Tuition fees for the individual student are determined by the state of legal residence in accordance with the South Carolina Code of Laws 59-112-20 and by the county of residence on the initial date of registration for the current semester. Tuition is not subject to adjustment because of a change in residency occurring after the initial date of registration for that semester.

Effective Fall Semester 2021

$184.00per credit hour In-County Tuition* (York and Chester County residents taking classes within their county of residence)
$199.00 per credit hour Out of County Tuition
$405.00 per credit hour Out of State Tuition

Rates below do not reflect SC Lottery Tuition Assistance benefits. Tuition charges are subject to change without notice.

Tuition charges include insurance and student activity fees. They do not include books, tools, equipment, supplies, uniforms, course fees, new student fee, returning student fee, non-matriculated student fee, technology fee, college transfer fee and malpractice insurance.

Students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours per semester are considered full time.

Credit Hours In County Out of County Out of State
1 $184.00 $199.00 $405.00
2 $368.00 $398.00 $810.00
3 $552.00 $597.00 $1,215.00
4 $736.00 $796.00 $1,620.00
5 $920.00 $995.00 $2,025.00
6 $1,104.00 $1,194.00 $2,430.00
7 $1,288.00 $1,393.00 $2,835.00
8 $1,472.00 $1,592.00 $3,240.00
9 $1,656.00 $1,791.00 $3,645.00
10 $1,840.00 $1,990.00 $4,050.00
11 $2,024.00 $2,189.00 $4,455.00
12 $2,208.00 $2,388.00 $4,860.00
13 $2,392.00 $2,587.00 $5,265.00
14 $2,576.00 $2,786.00 $5,670.00
15 $2,760.00 $2,985.00 $6,075.00
16 $2,944.00 $3,184.00 $6,480.00
17 $3,128.00 $3,383.00 $6,885.00
18 $3,312.00 $3,582.00 $7,290.00
19 $3,496.00 $3,781.00 $7,695.00
20 $3,680.00 $3,980.00 $8,100.00
21 $3,864.00 $4,179.00 $8,505.00
22 $4,048.00 $4,378.00 $8,910.00
23 $4,232.00 $4,577.00 $9,315.00
24 $4,416.00 $4,776.00 $9,720.00

Instructional Course Fees

The instructional course fees vary by academic discipline.  The list below provides a representation of course fees according to academic division.

Business, Computer, Arts & Sciences
$12.00 per credit hour
Health & Human Services
$15.00 - $110.00 per credit hour
Industrial & Engineering Technology
$36.00 - $66.00 per credit hour
Workforce & Economic Development
$110.00 per credit hour

Program Fee

A $20 per credit hour fee will be applied for students enrolled in a University Transfer program (Associate in Arts or Associate in Science).

Other College Fees

New Student Fee $35 per semester (non-refundable) Student Activity Fee $10 per semester (non-refundable)
Returning Student Fee $30 per semester (non-refundable) Technology Fee $4 per credit hour (refundable)
Remote Proctoring Fee $15 Fall semester, $15 Spring semester; $5 Summer semester (non-refundable)    

Tuition charges are subject to change. Please visit the York Technical College website at www.yorktech.edu/financial-aid/tuition-fees for the most current fee schedule.

Reservation Fee

Students accepted into the programs below are also required to pay a non-refundable reservation fee of $100 upon acceptance. The reservation fee is applied towards students’ tuition for their first term of enrollment in the program. The applicable programs are as follows:

Dental Assisting
Dental Hygiene
Medical Laboratory Technology
Nursing (RN and PN)
Radiologic Technology
Surgical Technology

Students pursuing the phlebotomy course or Central Service Certificate are required to pay a $25 non- refundable processing fee upon qualifying for the course. Students accepted into the course or the Central Service Certificate are also required to pay a non-refundable reservation fee of $75 upon acceptance.

Liability Insurance Fee

A Liability Insurance Fee is required for medical-related programs.

Distance Learning

York Technical College does not charge any additional fees for Distance Learning courses or verifying a students’ identity; however, all students pay a per-semester remote proctoring fee (see Other College Fees).

If a student needs to take a proctored assessment at a location other than one of the York Technical College assessment centers, the institution where proctoring is provided may charge a fee. The student is responsible for these fees, which may vary from site to site. The Institution for Teaching Excellence (ite@yorktech.edu) will work with the student to secure an assessment site and provide information regarding the associated fees for that site.

Inclusive Access

York Technical College has courses that participate in Inclusive Access textbooks. Courses that have materials available through Inclusive Access will have fees added to the students’ bill, providing students with eBook access. Students may opt-out of Inclusive Access by electing the opt-out option for each course inside D2L within the first 7 days of a class starting. Students who opt-out will need to purchase a print version of all books.

To determine if a course participates with Inclusive Access, students should register for their courses, then login to WebAdvisor, and select “student” from the menu. Under Academic Profile, select “My Class Schedule.” Courses participating in Inclusive Access will have a note that states, “Digital materials delivered within the course are provided at a discount as an additional charge to the course. No additional purchase is required.”

Tuition Refunds


Tuition charges for a semester term will be refunded at the following rates:

  Withdrawal with last date of attendance or net reduction of credit hours: Refund
  16-Week Session  
  Before the first day of classes are offered (start of term) 100%
  1st - 5th Business Day of the Term 100%
  After 5th Business Day of the Term 0%
  Withdrawal with last date of attendance or net reduction of credit hours (continued): Refund
  8-Week Session  
  Before the first day of classes are offered (start of term) 100%
  1st-3rd Business Day of the Term 100%
  After 3rd Business Day of the Term 0%
  4-Week Session  
  Before the first day of classes are offered (start of term) 100%
  1st-2nd Business Day of the Term 100%
  After 2nd Business Day of the Term 0%

Federal and State Refunds

Students receiving a Federal Pell Grant or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) funds who completely withdraw from a term are required to return a portion of their unearned aid to the appropriate Title IV aid program. Students receiving direct loans may have those funds returned to the lender if they are not enrolled in at least six credit hours at the time of disbursement. Enrollment is based on students’ last dates of attendance in each course. Students earn their aid based on the period of time they remain enrolled. Students who remain enrolled beyond the 60 percent point during a semester earn all of their aid for that period. If at the time of withdrawal, all funds have not been disbursed, the student’s account will be reviewed, and if applicable, the student will be offered a post-withdrawal disbursement. If a student earns a grade of F and the last date of attendance is not the last day of the term, the Title IV aid will be reduced. Students who owe funds to a Title IV aid program will be billed and are not eligible to receive any additional Title IV funds until the amount owed is repaid or satisfactory repayment arrangements are made to the Department of Education. Students receiving the LIFE Scholarship or the South Carolina Need-Based Grant (SCNBG) who withdraw from a term will be reviewed based on the general refund policy.

Refund for Military Personnel Called to Active Duty

When any person is activated for full time military service and is required to withdraw prior to receiving a grade in one or more courses, a complete refund of tuition and fees may be granted. The refund will be distributed proportionately to the student after considering other resources received by the student. In addition, the institution may provide a reasonable opportunity for completion of the courses after deactivation. Students are required to provide documentation of their call to active duty to the Dean for Student Engagement to apply for this refund.

Financial Responsibility and Past-Due Indebtedness

Students are expected to keep their accounts current with the College. Prior to registration, all students must log into WebAdvisor to read and accept the Financial Responsibility Acknowledgement. Students must accept the Financial Responsibility Acknowledgement before they will be allowed to register. The Financial Responsibility Acknowledgement covers the rights of the College to assign delinquent accounts to an external collection agency, report past-due debt to credit bureaus, and seize S.C. State tax refunds.

Students with past-due indebtedness will not be allowed to obtain grades, transcripts, diplomas, degrees, or certificates or to enroll in subsequent terms. The College reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of a student with past-due indebtedness; however, the cancellation of enrollment does not relieve the student of the incurred debt.